Bearded Dragon Facts That 90% People Do not Know Yet

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ReptilesFamily.Com – Bearded Dragon, also known as Pogona (original name) is a reptile type animal. There is a funny reason why all people called this creature bearded Dragon.

The shape is similar like mini-dragon which have a bearded below the mouth. This animal is quite unique, when they sense a danger the underside of the throat will turn black.

You can easily find this animal in Africa such as in desserts and Eucalyptus woodlands. Thanks to the uniqueness of it, many people want to keep it at all cost.

Right now, you do not only find Bearded Dragons in the wilderness, the zoo can also become the alternative place to find it.

Bearded Dragon Types

The surprising facts about this animal are about the type. There are exactly three types of it. The shape will differ from another one.

So, it will be hard to identify them as bearded Dragon. But, there is one aspect which still left in the animal. The answer is the bearded attach below the mouth.

Normal Types

The regular bearded dragon which does not have any uniqueness. There are many types of color, such as red, tan, yellow, and green.

Photo Image Green Bearded Dragon Color
Yellow Bearded Dragon

If you want to have a unique one, the only way is mating this normal type which one has the different color or with the same.

German Giant Bearded Dragons

Photo Image German Giant Bearded Dragon
German Giant

This lizard animal comes from German. The shape of the body is similar like a turtle. The size also much bigger than usual dragon (50%).

The reason why this dragon quite big because from the mating method. This one also can have a unique color on its body.

Unfortunately, you can only find this unique lizard on Germany.

Leatherback Bearded Dragons

Photo Image Leatherback Bearded Dragons

This dragon is mutated gene. Because of that, the scales of this animal not growing at all. That is why the size is quite small than a normal Bearded Dragon.

Not only the size but also the skin. It feels smoother when you touch it. Depend on the genes, this type will come with a unique color around its body.

Silkback Bearded Dragons

Photo Image Silkback Bearded Dragons

Comes from mating two leatherback bearded dragons. That is no wonder when you see the size it has the same exact one with Leatherback Bearded Dragons.

The Skin also will get even smoother. But, we do not know why the color will look a bit darker than the normal one.

Red Bearded Dragons

Photo Image Red Bearded Dragon Color
Red Bearded Dragon

In order to see a beautiful red color dragon, you need to mate two dragons which have a solid red color. The red accent in the body it is really cool to see.

The gorgeous appearance of this dragon will capture everyone hearts within a second. If we need to choose which one is the best Bearded Dragon type, the red one is the winner for sure.

Pogona vitticeps and many mores

Photo Image Bearded Dragon Pogona vitticeps
Pogona vitticeps

For more variants you will find some unique colors like het hypos, dragons morph and others

Bearded Dragon Diseases

Bearded Dragon is same as a human, they will also have diseases which are hard to cure if you are not aware of it. Here we have the common diseases of the dragons complete with the causes.

Metabolic Bone Disease

MDB or also known as Metabolic Bone Disease is a common disease which you find in Dragons. This one occurs because the dragons are too low in calcium in the body (Hypocalcaemia or Hypercalcemia).

The Causes

  • Incorrect vivarium temperature (If the temperature is quite cool, it will affect calcium absorption. Of you who do not know, after the dragons eat they need a warm temperature to digest the food).
  • Lack of exposure to UVB. Bearded Dragon needs to produce their own vitamin D.
  • Too low calcium. (Too much also affects it).

Infectious Stomatitis (Mouth Rot)

Mouth Rot is the other name of mouth infections in reptile type animal. If they become stress their immune system becomes weak. That is why it is unable to keep the bacteria. As the result, it will affect their mouth.

The Causes

  • The humidity level which can lead the immune system cannot function properly.
  • Oral injuries (when the bearded dragon restrain live of their prey in the mouth)
  • Cage walls (When the dragon rubbing against the wall).


Parasites are some kind of organisms which suck the blood from your bearded dragons. And the organisms transmit the disease among dragons.

Basically, there are two types of parasites in Bearded Dragon, the good one, and the bad one. It is quite hard to know which one except by experienced vet.

Usually, organisms will suck the blood from sensitive area such as the ears and eyes. Because the skin of the Dragon is quite hard to penetrate.

This is the most dangerous Bearded Dragon diseases which can harm its life.

The Causes

# Let your Bearded Dragon touch another animal:

You do not know another animal has parasites or not. Especially another reptile.

# Dirty cage:

Do not forget to clean the cage regularly. Look for the place who usually have a high bacteria in it.

A dirty spot in the cage is the perfect one for parasites. That is why before the event occurs, just keep check-up the cage as many times as possible.

# Clean Feeder Container:

The main food of this reptile type animal is insects. You need to be cautious when putting insects in your feeder container. One of the dangerous insects is Crickets.

Because this one tends to die and rot quickly. If you are not careful enough, the Breaded Dragon will eat it. We do not know what kind of bacteria in Crickets (rot).

Clean the container is a must thing to do.

The Reason Bearded Dragon Have a Diet Issues

There are many factors why your Breaded Dragon is not eating properly. After a while, they change into diet habit. As you read the article, you will learn the reason why your Dragon do not eat properly.

Even though this animal is well known as voracious eaters.

The Causes

Move it to a Different Location

When you move your Bearded Dragon to a different location, usually they will not eat for sometimes. If the situation continues and you do not change it.

They will stop eating completely. Your Bearded Dragon needs to adapt to a new situation. That is why when you move to another place, remember to change the new cage like resemblance like the old one.


The main reason why your Bearded Dragon lost an appetite because of the illness in their body. Especially Parasites which causes your Dragon lost their appetite completely.

Usually, when they forced to eat, some part of their body will feel hurt.

That is why you need to keep your eyes on if something happens with your beloved lizard. Infection can also become the second cause of it.


In order to make Bearded Dragon eat. They need to have a warm temperature. When it is quite cold, they will stop eating. Even though you serve a good quality of insects.

The temperature at least around 105-110 degree Fahrenheit. You can measure it using a digital thermometer. In order to increase their appetite, you need to watch out the temperature condition.

The warm temperature will help them to digest their food quickly. If you cannot do it, your Dragons will stop eating completely.


This one can also become the causes of Bearded Dragon diet. Of course, it is only applied for female one who already prepares to lay an egg son enough.

For that reason, they cannot eat because their belly is quite full. In order to know your female Dragon pregnant or not, just touch the belly softly.

Do not ever press it because the egg is quite a delicate one. There is no other way to prevent your Dragon from the diet. The only way is to wait for a while when they lay it. 


Last but not least is about the age. Recognize your Bearded Dragon whether they are a baby, juvenile or an adult is really important.

From there you will know their eating habits. As for adult, they can eat daily. For the rest, they only eat every couple days.

For your information, Bearded Dragon does not need to eat as much as possible because they are not growing.

The Ways to Prevent Your Bearded Dragon Diet Issues

1. The important one is about the temperature in the cage. If it is too cold they will hard to digest the food. If this one keeps continuing, they will stop eating.

They need UVB lighting to help them eat the food. Change your light per 3 months to prevent your Dragon diet.

2. Schedule an appointment with your herp veterinarian. Check up your Dragons every two months is a must. From there we can easily monitor their condition.

So, when they lost appetite. Just ask the veterinarian the best method to make your bearded Dragon become energetic again to prevent the diet session.

3. Give them a good quality of insects. This one can become another reason why your Dragon is not eating. If this continues, it will lead to diet habit.

Offer them a food which they like the most. One of them is crickets. But, you need to be careful, this insect root quickly.

Do not let your dragon eat it or they will infect by some kind of harmful diseases.

Bearded Dragon Foods

Bearded Dragons are omnivores. It means they will eat both plants and animals (Insects). Especially the young one (juvenile).

They will choose vegetables as the main food. And the insects as the secondary. We almost forgot to tell you another important thing.

The Dragon will also eat fruit (the safe one). Now, let us see the list of Bearded Dragon foods right away.


  • Crickets
  • Butter Worms
  • Roaches
  • Mealworms
  • Hornworms
  • Earthworms
  • Wax Worms
  • Silkworms
  • Cockroaches
  • Phoenix Worms
  • Superworms 


  • Acorn Squash
  • Bell Peppers (Raw)
  • Bok Choy
  • Butternut Squash
  • Celery
  • Pumpkins
  • Endive
  • Lentils (Cooked)
  • Turnip Greens
  • Yarns (Raw)
  • Carrots
  • Cabbage (Raw)
  • Cucumber (Peeled)


  • Grapes
  • Apples
  • Plum
  • Strawberries
  • Watermelon
  • Pineapple
  • Pears
  • Mangos
  • Melons
  • Cherries
  • Figs
  • Guava
  • Blackberries
  • Cherries
  • Apricot

Guide to Feed Your Bearded Dragon

After seeing the list of food the Dragon. We will tell you the guide how to feed them.

Because depending on the age, Bearded Dragon eats different food and there is some prohibition on it. You need to be cautious about this one.

Baby Bearded Dragon

When it is still in baby form, they tend to eat insects regularly than vegetables. But, just leave a few vegetables beside the main food.

They only eat it sometimes. For the main food which is insects, you need to feed it three times per day because they still growing and need a lot of food.

Adult Bearded Dragon

As for the adult one, you do not need to feed them regularly. If they eat too much, it will cause them overweight. For the adult one, they do not need eat vegetables.

If you want to give them vegetables is okay. Just give them a huge amount of insects and take out the feeder within 7-10 minutes.

If you leave it like that, they will eat all the insects. The side effects their body growth rate will increase quickly and become overweight.

The Reason Why You Should Buy Bearded Dragon

For you who want to have a pet and confuse which one to choose we can help you right away. In people’s mind, Dog or cat already become the ideal pet.

That statement it is not true. Bearded Dragon also becomes the cool pet which you can love. We have the good reason why you should buy Bearded Dragon.

1. Bearded Dragons can show their show affection in a unique way. When we look at them sometimes they will blink repeatedly.

It is quite cute on its own way. You can also scrub their body or above their head gently, the effects they will close their eyes.

It is the sign they feel good. Bearded Dragon is the only reptile type animal who show so much affection.

2. Little maintenance is enough. As for others animal, you need to regularly check it up. But, for Bearded Dragon, they only need little maintenance and living space.

Not only that but also the food is easy to look. Even though is quite easy, you cannot ignore it all you want. Keep taking care it like bring it to the nearest veterinarian to check the condition.

3. Affordable pets. Unlike dogs or cats which the price can touch around million penny. The expensive one only the equipment to take care this animal.

After done with equipment, the only cost you need to worry is insects or vegetables. As for the fruit, is only an alternative food.

4. Nonaggressive pets. The reptile-type animal is well known as the aggressive one, such as snake which can bite a person even though the one which they bite is the owner.

Also, there is no news or information which tell Bearded Dragon ever hurt someone. But, for you who recently know about this Dragon, you must afraid when they puff out their big black beard.

Do not worry, it means they only feel threatened. This is a natural self-defense. If you are the type of person who like relax animal, this is the perfect one for all of you.

Bearded Dragon Shop (Comparison)

Buying a Bearded Dragon is quite easy in the pet shop. But, there are some aspects you need to know beforehand.

It is about the shop is trusted or not. Sometimes, they will sell the bad quality of Bearded Dragon.


Petco Reptilecenter
This shop will offer the high quality of Bearded Dragon.


Do not need to worry all Bearded Dragon which sells in this shop is top quality.


Petco Reptilecenter
The service is really good.

The shop will also give some advice for the newbie who wants to take care of Bearded Dragons


It is same like Petco.

The minus one this shop does not offer any advice when the customer buys Bearded Dragon


Petco Reptilecenter
For the first customer, they will give a big discount 20% (include delivery). Not only that, the equipment and food also get a discount It does not offer the big discount for the first customer. But the equipment and food have a big discount in this place.

Online Shopping

Petco Reptilecenter
This pets shop support online shopping. For the pets, you need to come to the actual place Same like Petco. This one support online shopping.

To make it more perfect they offers free shipping depending on the date

Trusted Source:

Petco (

Reptilecenter (www.reptilecentre,com)


Buyer’s review



The customer who buys the Bearded Dragon in this shop is quite satisfied.

The animal is in a good condition. Petco usually get rating 4-4.5 from the customer

As for reptilecenter, they usually get rating 4.5-5 it means this one already trusted by everyone.

All the customers are really happy with the top-notch quality.

Bearded Dragon Price

This dragon reptile animal comes with many varieties of the price. There are some aspects which affect the price of Bearded Dragon:

The Age

The first thing you must notice is about the age. The baby Bearded Dragon costs around $30-$60. It is quite cheap because they are still the baby. As for the adult, it will cost up to 100$.

Type of Bearded Dragon

The type also affects the price of Bearded Dragon. Especially when you buy the unique one (color, shape, and so on) the price will around $1,200.00. That is the price if you aim to buy the very rare one.

Bearded Dragon Care Tips for Bearded Dragon Breeder

Here we provide you the ways to take care your Beardie. If you decide to have one, like it or not you need to learn about bearded dragon breeding.

Aware of Lighting and Temperature

This dragon like a warm place. You need to provide a temperature which around 100 degrees Fahrenheit to take good care of this lizard.

A lighting also help the Dragon which keeps indoor to assist them synthesizing vitamin D3 or also known as calcium absorption.

Provide The Food Everyday

Do not forget to place insects and vegetables to your food container to feed Bearded Dragon Even though they cannot die easily when you do not offer the food.

It is same like human, they still feel hungry. Especially for the baby Bearded Dragons, they can eat three times per day which is really astonishing.

Basking Place is Important

Believe it or not, Bearded Dragon really like to bask. When you see this animal in the wild, they usually relaxing their body above the rock in order to feel the warm temperature.

You can buy branch or rock in the pet shop in order provide the basking place for your Bearded Dragon. 

Bring Your Beardie to Veterinarian

After you purchase your Bearded Dragon make an appointment to go to the nearest Veterinarian. It helps you to know your Beardie condition. You can also check for any parasites and check-up for overall health.


Bearded Dragon indeed is the famous animal up until now. It all thanks to its unique shape and cool color on their body.

There is also a collector who collected this animal because of that. Hopefully, all the information about Bearded Dragon can help you to understand more about this Dragon lizard.

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