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ReptilesFamily.Com – There are a lot of details of Bearded Dragon care. If you are able to make a list, it would eat up each page of medium thick book.

Fortunately, the reasons to love this peculiar exotic pets animal occupies even longer than the bad things about it. That is why people are willing to learn the 101 guidance of the dragon pet.

Caring for Bearded Dragons Basic care Sheet
When you bring the newly bought to the house, one basic thing you need to prepare is customized tank.

Keep in mind that bearded dragons natural habitat is totally different from your room temperature. It also has different metabolism system compared to domesticated animal.

Therefore, the first week is the crucial adaptation period for the additional family member. Make sure you mimic the habitat as similar as possible.

Bearded Dragon Care – Guide to Choosing Tank

• Pick Suitable Tank Size

It is wiser to buy the tank after you know how big the beardie you are bringing home. Why? Because the lizard pet needs enough space to move around. Otherwise, your favorite animal would be anxious.

Another rule to remember is: no space is too big for a bearded dragon ( especially for adult bearded dragons ). It is always better to give more space to move than limiting the area to turn around only.

Be prepared to give more foods, as the preys have more space to hide.

If you are a new care taker of this exotic pets, the simple solution is asking the seller how old it is. The new born or the baby would fit perfectly in 20 gallons tank. Any smaller than that and you will bid farewell faster.

For the dragon pets around 10 to sixteen inches, the appropriate measurement would be 40 gallons or larger. Then if you happen to buy a 16 to 20 inches beardie, the ideal space would be 75 gallons.

Got a giant adult bearded dragons? Then spare half of your room for the gigantic 120 gallon tank. If you are caring and can afford the ideal size, cut to the minimum 75 gallons.

• Tank Types

Don’t be confused when choosing the type of tank you are going to buy. The real care sheet question would be how diligent you are to clean the tank.

If you are the lazy type, then the classic glass, vision cages and the PVC cages are the most suitable ones. They are easy to clean; just wipe the surface with soapy cloth and all the dusts will be carried away.

Caring for Bearded Dragons – about the Tank Budget?

Do you plan to go all out for the comfort of the lizard pet? If yes, then take vision cages, as it allows the guests to admire the beauty of your lovely mammals.

For those with limited budget, the friendly way out is to pay cash on the classic glass.

It gives off luxurious vibe without taking too much from your wallet. As for the other two, the difference only lays on the basic material.

• Cover Lid

The must have item to accompany the tank is cover lid. You don’t want to lose the cutie lizard on the first morning after you bought it.

In addition, the function of this cover lid is to block any unwanted dusts or insect intruders.

Even though the lizard pet looks like a tough animal, it gets infected easily. For this reason, the lid should be able to block all harmful potentials.

It never means that the cover must be solid and blocking the air way. In this case, you are killing the newly bought pet.

Moreover, the humidity inside the cage will be high, thus affecting the living creature inside.
Choose the screen cover with a lot of tiny holes for air circulation.

• The Flooring

In order to help the adaptation process, the best step you could take is copying the natural habitat of the cold-blooded lizard. This is important care sheet.

For your record, there is no such things as sandy or pebble flooring in lizard’s real living area. Thus, you should resist to add the artistic feel into the tank. If you insists, then the reptile pet will suffer from a condition called impaction.

It refers to indigestion problem, caused by oversized food, foreign materials or even unknown substance. This is a reptile care common case for bearded lizard owners.

However, your lack of attention might cause its death, because the foreign substances press the internal organ.

Often, the infected reptile pet died in the end. To minimize the possibility, pick safe would be reptile carpet, unused papers or paper towels.

• Hiding Place

Lizard has its own way to have fun. It spends most times inside a cave. Living in an openly land may give insecurities and gives all the access for bright, blinding lighting.

Sometimes, the cutie pet wants to enjoy the “me time” inside the cave. Considering this habit, you must provide proper hiding places for this exotic pets. Who don’t like cuddling? Even lizard pet loves it!

Set the care sheet project to build something big enough to accommodate at least two or three lizards inside.

Don’t be sad when the house you have built is never used. Probably the space is too cramped?

• Hammock and Branches

The setting of one single bearded lizard won’t stop with the flooring and hiding place.

If you really want to mimick its wild lifestyle, then you miss two important elements: hammock and branches. Trees grow well in the forest, connecting the small branches and becoming the favorite hanging place.

Branches will double the fun! Lizard is known as active animals. Being able to move a lot on different tracks must be fun and healthy.

Bearded Dragon Care sheet – The Night Care Sheet

After the sun has set, the temperature in your room would naturally goes down. While this is a common routine that gives no bad effect to you, the sensitive pet could sense the change.

In order to keep the lizard safe, you have to make sure that the temperature is steady; around 65 degrees Farenheit. To match the desirable setting, there are several choices for night bearded care sheet.

• Basking Light

This is basically a usual lighting, directed to specific part of the tank. The function? It is to raise the temperatures of the lizard tank. A basking light could light up the cage up to ten hours per night.

Aside from its wonderful job to warm up the lizard living box, it brings trouble if you install cheap bulbs. Basking light gets hotter as time goes, and low-priced bulb will eventually explode. don’t forget to turn it off during the day.

• Under Tank Heater

Many owners install Under Tank Heater (UTH) below the lizard carpet. It spreads the heat from the bottom of the tank.

Actually, the heater is not a must have item. As long as you could make sure that the night temperature doesn’t fall under 60, your lizard would be okay.

• Temperature Humidity Gauge

Since lizard is quite sensitive to humid area and your hands could not provide valid measurement for the humidity and temperature, temperature gauge could be a great help.

The needle points to the temperature number and also the humidity. If it stops on top of red area, then you have to balance the humidity inside the dragon pets tank.

• Ceramic Heat Emitter

The rule of the little dragon heating is simple: you can’t let the degrees goes above 65 or under 60 Farenheit. As many people choose to neglect the basic, their loveable pets’ skin could be burnt.

The reason is quite simple: because they throw in heat pad and heat rocks to the tank. This practice is totally out of law, since these two items are directed to people.

Actually, lights should not be included in dragon care list. One heating light should be enough, but too much lamps will keep the lizard awake.

As the result, your pet might not get enough sleep. Install heat emitter in the tank and it eliminates all the scary possibilities from the list.

• Light Timer and Dimmer

In different seasons, you have to pay attention to the hours of sun. Long winter will have less or no sun at all. Therefore, you need to set the heater “on” for certain period of time.

The same rule applies in summer, when the heat strikes all day. Avoid doing unnecessary things like accidentally press the power button by installing light timer. You could set when the heater should work.

Next, you must expect that the electricity bill goes higher compared to the calm seasons like spring and autumn. One way to limit your electric use is by controlling the heat and light emitted inside the cage.

A dimmer could do this for you. Attach it to the heat lamp and you already control remotely the sparkle and heat.

Bearded Dragon Care – Baby Care

The demand of baby dragons is raising, especially in America and Australia. To tell the truth, breeders don’t have any problem to stock the happy and energetic babies.

At least, a breeder knows what is good and bad for the reptile. Once it goes to your embrace, problem pops up. You will spend the first weeks to learn the routine of the lizard cuties.

• Eating Rules ( Bearded Dragons Diet )

Many new owners do similar mistake in measuring the eating portion. Considering at how large a dragon lizard could expand its mouth, several hobbyists give huge chunk in each feeding time.

Later on when the lizard chokes and has hind-leg paralysis, the owners freak out and blame the food supplier. Before pointing anyone else, it is better to reflect on your own mistake.

The way to measure how big you should feed the unique reptile is actually easy and simple. Look at the space in between its eyes. It would happily gobble up whatever food type you give.

The pet lizard is a carnivore, even when it is still a baby. To match the baby feeding dragons, make sure you handpicked tiny preys such as pinhead cricket and molted worms.

• Dragon Eat – Feeding Habit

Looking at how voracious the little lizard galloping the insects for feeding bearded dragons you prepare, it might make you wonder whether this condition is normal.

Although it is hard to believe, your little reptile pet will never eat lightly! Just take a look at the feeding period that could reach fifteen minutes.

In total, approximately twenty to sixty tiny cricket can feed bearded dragons. The number is not for you to decide.

The point is throwing more feeding within the given time. As the time pass, you are not allowed to offer any more food to the lizard.

In one day, normally you should feed bearded dragons three times. Taking advantage of this beneficial conditions, many breeders are competing to maximize the growth of their captive dragon lizard.

Later when the baby has grown stronger, you could mix 20 percent of greenery to its insects bearded dragons diet menu.

Some recommended greens are watercress, mustard green, escarole, endive, etc. Don’t forget to sprinkle calcium and D3 supplement on top of the feeding before served. Bearded dragon eat fruits too, such as kiwi, apple, mango and papaya.

Slowly raise the green portion as the lizard grows older. But still, the feeding time must not be less than twice a day.

Bearded Dragon Care – Brumation

The term brumation refers to the hibernation process that commonly happens to bearded dragons. As they are so sensitive to light and weather change, their metabolism reacts by slowing down the whole process.

This cycle happens every year, particularly days before winter starts or when the fall season is going to end.

Notice the signs of the hibernation system: less active beard dragon and decreasing appetite. During this period, the cave becomes the 24/7 hour house for the lizard.

The tempting crickets and greens can’t make the lovely pets awake. Within a week, it has no energy to hunt preys, even if the cricket is just a step away.

A short walk from the cave to the water bowl is already considered a full-day sport. The water bowl content should be clean and fresh too.

Keep in mind that the brumation for different bearded lizard is varied. The unique pet that belongs to your friends might spend a week of its motionless life cycle.

However, the dragon lizard kept next to your house only takes a week of brumation. In this case, how are you going to determine the brumation period of your own adorable pet?

Bearded Dragon Care – Brumation Tips

The right thing to do is observing the behavior of your own pet lizard. Not hunting the preys for one up to three days will not hurt them.

Just make sure that they eat something to fill their stomach. Also, check your calendar. If the weather changes drastically in the past week, then it adds the proofs that the mammal is entering brumation period.

Pay close attention for another week. If the less eating routine happens steadily, then you don’t have to worry too much. However, if they look thinner and weaker, you have all the reasons to worry.

Most less educated owners would think that eating less is the symptom of certain illness. Actually, there is one way to see whether your bearded lizard is doing well.

Weigh it every day. If you notice drastic weight loss within days, then your pet lizard is sick. However, if the scale points to steady number, then there is nothing to worry about.

The consequences of routine weigh measuring are not great. The brumation period might be longer or you just stressed out the lizard by touching it occasionally.

Difficulty of Caring for bearded dragons

First timers or experienced owners would pass the hard times with their new lizard pets. It is a part of learning and getting familiar with your reptile’s habits and routines. Some good people share the common problems from owners while raising the cold-blooded animal.

The most frightening moment for owner is when the loving pet stops eating. Thinking that something bad happens to the fragile animal, you do many ways to raise its appetite.

If you are a new taker in bearded dragon care issue, Instead of taking self-judgment about the condition, it is better to ask the professionals about the real problem.

Bearded lizard is vulnerable from the inside. Should the internal organ has certain dis-functionality, the whole metabolism is affected.

The surprising thing is these lethal symptoms come from minor error, like not changing the water or cleaning the cage regularly. Raising lizard is not for those who are not used to be hygienic.

Compared to the other animals, this lizard type has strict diet. You should carefully prepare the meals’ combination every day. Try to feed withered greens to it and you might blame yourself for its sickness.

Bearded Dragon Care Sheet Tips

1. Especially if you raise a baby lizard, keep minimum contact for at least one month. Let the baby adapts with the new surrounding first. Just like the other newborn, it will be surprised and frightened easily. Only when it grows older, you could pet it.

2. Sprinkle additional reptile supplement to the menu, at least once a day. It helps with metabolism and to keep the pet happy.

3. Stain some sides with leaves paint. Bearded lizard loves to observe, but the plain color of your wall makes it lazy and too comfortable.

Bearded Dragon Care – Conclusion

The new era of pets has begun. Exotic pets, especially the unique bearded dragon is claiming its place in domestic animal kingdom. As any newly raising star, many people do not know yet how to take care of this fragile mammal.

If you are interested to keep one in your house, then you have to make a detailed instruction of Bearded Dragon Care and do as written. Happy petting!


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