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Bearded Dragon Diet, ReptilesFamily.Com – Do you ever consider the components of healthy bearded dragon diet? Or you just thoughtlessly go to the market and stop by the pet shop to stock your dragon foods?

If you do this, soon enough you would be in panic for not knowing which should be fed first and the dangerous one.

You better know that the reptile pet could be sick or even die for the wrong dragon foods menu diet.

Bearded Dragon Diet – Baby Beardies Diet

Just have your first bearded dragons baby? Then you will have new plan for feeding. Important thing to remember: never give adult bearded dragon foods to the little animal.

Aside from the basic rule, you must learn several things about the newborn dragon diets.

• Food Preference
Beardies’ palate for greenery is not activated until it grows older. Your little lizard will appreciate pure proteins from insects. However it doesn’t mean that you should eliminate vegetable from the list.

Leave some on the tank, but don’t be disappointed when the little lizard just nibbled it. As the time flows, you will learn which vegetables is its favorite.

In a day, you should visit the tank at least three times for feeding time. It will not take much from your time, just a round fifteen minutes. Your little beardie could gobble up at least 20 insects within that period.

After the feeding time is up, scoop the leftover insects. Several of them might turn into a dangerous enemy to the fragile lizard.

Bearded Dragon Diet – Adult bearded dragon Diet

Not everyone are into little things. One of them might be you, who prefer to have adult dragon lizard.

It definitely has different appetite from baby lizard. The diet menu includes more fruits and vegetables than protein. If you still have feeder insects, butter worms leftover from the babies, you could give it as snack.

• Food Preference
While the baby prefers protein from insects, the adult limit the number of protein intake a day. Taking care of adult bearded dragons diets, you will stock more green than living small prey.

As always, bearded dragon eats some and leave the rest, pick up the leftover insects from the tank. Otherwise, it will harm your pet.

The feeding time is similar: fifteen minutes per round. However, the portion for insect is just once a day. When the time has come, feed your bearded dragon immediately.

For the other rounds, you could give fresh vegetables, within the given period.

Too much food will make your exotic pet gain weight (besides, makes it difficult for aquarium care). Avoid things like frozen or withered vegetables. Either is good to feed bearded lizard.

Bearded Dragon Diet – Feeding Your Dragon Tips

You will know that the table is ready when all the dishes are served. In dragon lizard case, you have to do certain routine to prepare the food and ignite the appetite.

The process is not too difficult to follow. You just have to do it as a daily routine.

1. Food Size
How big do you cut the vegetable for the lizards? The common sense probably makes you chopped the vegetable to small pieces. The other owners might serve it to the beardies as chunk. Which one is the better?

Do a rough measurement to the gap between the lizard’s eye. If you are not sure, make the size smaller instead of bigger. Although bigger chunk is eaten by the mammal pet, the stomach cannot digest it well.

2. Gut-loaded
When you are trying to find further information about bearded diet, you will find this term mentioned, often. It is basically refer to the quality control system of the feeding.

With this system, you already press the chance of getting infected insects that might harm the lizard. A gut-loaded label ensures healthy insects in the package.

3. Paralyzing The Food
One goal of feeding live insect is to train the lizard about hunting. Beardies are natural hunter, thus live prey would be better than motionless food.

Can you imagine the hectic situation when moving the live food? This is why you must paralyze the insects before throwing them to the tank.

You will need a small filter scoop to take the insects from the captive. Then, grab an empty cereal box or a small plastic container that could fit the live feeder animal.

Close the lid and shake it lightly. You want a life, fresh animal, not dead insect bodies. Strong shake will kill them.

After paralyzing the insects, you could sprinkle supplements and vitamin to gut-load or improving the nutritional content.

Bearded Dragon Diet – Bearded Dragon Can Eat and Cannot to Eat List

In the theory, omnivorous animal could eat either vegetables or meat. An anomaly appears in foods bearded dragons. It has limitation for both categories.

The level of caution is varied: okay, okay as snack, occasionally and avoid at any cost. As an owner, it is important to observe which item belongs to the group.

Bearded Dragon DietGood for Health

• House Cricket
The first feeding bearded dragons recommended by the seller are this one. It could be the basic and daily staple for the lovely lizard pet.

House cricket contains high protein and low fat. You could afford it in any season, with affordable price. To increase the calcium, you have to gut load it.

• Collard Greens
So far, one safe vegetable for bearded dragon eat is collard greens. You could go to traditional market or supermarket to get this item. It contains high calcium that is good for lizard’s bone.

However, you should be careful to the oxalid acid that may cause oxalation, limiting calcium absorption.

• Endive
The menu for your lovely beardeds lizard diet is should be varied. Next week, you could give this alternative to feed the pet. It is a bitter leafed vegetable, one of beardies’ favorite.

Consuming endive will supply the daily calcium need. However, long term consumption is not suggested considering the moderate oxalation effect.

• Escarole
This green leafy vegetable belongs to one family with endive. It is also called broad-leaved endive, tasted slightly bitter than its brother.

Just like endives, escarole contains high calcium as well. The best way to serve is by mixing it with the other vegetables, especially the green ones.

If you like to make “salad” style foods, then escarole must be included in the list.

Mustard Green
Labeled as the healthiest vegetable in the world, this green vegetable contains higher antioxidant level compared to the other members of one family.

While the other staple food provides calcium, mustard green supplies vitamin A and C. It contains seven percent of vitamin A and also 53 IU per gram of vitamin A. However, it has moderate oxalation effect.

• Phoenix Worm
Need another option for high calcium food? Then purchase phoenix worm and feed your bearded dragon with it.

It is a great source of the bone substance, even without gut loading process. This is a food your lizard cannot resist.

The live phoenix worm often wriggles and excites the lizard. Therefore, it is often used as the appetizer for the picky eater beardies.

• Silkworm
You read it right. The silkworm that will be valuable properties once the pupae has formed. It is just as valuable as that for the lizard pet.

It has one enzyme named serrapeptase, which encourages better calcium absorption. The enzyme also helps to reduces inflammation in cellular level.

In short, silkworm is strengthening the health of your mammal.

• Fresh Apricot
The orange colored fruits should always be served fresh. Sweetened or canned apricot won’t do the trick.

Your pet lizard dragon eats it anyway, but then the bad effects to the metabolism system will show weeks later.

Fresh apricot contains high vitamin A: 26 IU per gram. The substance will keep healthy lizard eyes.

• Blackberries And Blueberries
When berries are in season, you could share some with the beardies. However, not all berries are good for lizard consumption.

The recommended ones for feeding dragons are blackberries, strawberries and blueberries. Both contain high fiber, which helps maintaining healthy digestive system.

Fresh blackberries also have two percent of vitamin C. Pay attention to the oxalation level.

Dubia Roaches
For first time owners, a small package of dubia roaches is often included. It is a moderate staple or treat to the pet lizard.

In addition, dubia roaches are easy to store and produces less to none noises compared to crickets. The swift movement forces your lizard to move around.

Bearded Dragon Diet – Bad for Health

• Avocado
This fruit has great self-protection on the skin. Many birds die after eating it, but the others don’t.

In conclusion, it has unknown level of toxicity. When you feed avocado to the beardies, it won’t give second thought about where to bite.

Sooner or later, you will find sick lizard instead of the healthy one inside the tank.

Giving banana to the exotic lizard has the opposite result compared to the other fresh fruits. It has no vitamin or other mineral substance at all.

Another reason to limit the consumption of banana is its high level of phosphorous. This element could be found in live feeder insects.

If you plan to put banana to the diet program, you have to decrease the insect portion.

• Wheat
It is like a double-edged sword for your exotic pet. The good side is high fiber content, which could help digestive system to work better.

At the same time, it also contains high phosphorous. Therefore, it is not suggested to feed wheat to your lizard. Processed wheat still has similar substance inside.

• Rhubarb
Green vegetable is beneficial for pet lizard, but not all of them. Rhubarb has curly green leaves with red stem.

Belong to herbal plants, only rhubarb stem could be eaten after being processed. Even human cannot handle the toxic level of rhubarb leaves.

In fact, it is lethal to consume raw rhubarb.

• Lettuce
What you want from vegetables is the mineral and vitamin. In any lettuce labeled plants, you will only find high content of water.

It supplies no nutrition to the lizard. Probably the owners who mix lettuce to its daily salad copy the human salad bowl.

If you are one of them, then don’t expect to get nutrition balance.

• Spinach
While being one of the healthiest and most favorite menus on human table, your bearded lizard would have a lot of trouble with it.

Why? Because it has high calcium binds, which make the digestion system works harder to absorb the nutrition.

Therefore, you should skip spinach from weekly grocery list for lizard stock.

• Hand-Captured Insects
Some people think that hunting for live feeder animal around the house and serving them to the adorable lizard pet is a way to care.

Well, have you considered about the pesticide? What about the parasites attached to the body? None of them brings good effect to the animal in the tank.

Glowing Insect
It is important to know which “insect” to feed. Since the name itself points to long lists of animal, it doesn’t mean you could give anything to the beardies.

Note that fireflies and the other glowing insects are lethal for dragon lizard. Even eating one firefly could kill an adult bearded lizard.

Bearded Dragon Diet – Occasional Treats

• Butterworm
In between the feeding time, it is okay to give little treat to the beardies. Butterworm, which is often used as fishing bait, is a favorite treat for both adult and newborn lizard pet.

It may not have minerals or vitamins, but the protein percentage is quite high, around sixteen percent of the total amount.

• Clover
The leaf that often associated with good luck and sacred sign also brings great news for the beardies. It is a perfect treat and grows in almost all seasons.

The clover in your backyard could be one option, as long as you never spray any kind of pesticides there.

Hibiscus and Rosella Flower
Treat is not always low in nutrition. It depends on how well you can hand-picked the right food for the dragon lizard.

Hibiscus and Rosella flower give abundant minerals and vitamins in their petal. Serving one of the flowers as treat once a week will save you one or two supplement capsules.

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Variation is important in dragon lizard diet. It gives far balanced nutrition than plain, one course meal plan.

Thus, it is the owner’s job to mix and match the protein and vegetables. Although bearded lizard is omnivores, it cannot eat all vegetables and fruits.

Beware of some items that should only be the treats, not a part of daily bearded dragon diet.

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