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Do you love citrus tiger bearded dragon? ReptilesFamily.Com – To be able to notice the name of specific beardie color indicates that you learn a little bit further than those newbie owners.

Now if you could mention several variant in the colony, it will awe the other first time care takers.

The differences, however, could be found easily if they pay close attention to the features.

Citrus Tiger Bearded Dragon Fact of Color

There are a lot of color variants for bearded dragons. When you purchase one in the pet store, you might be lured in by the use of exaggerating color title.

This trick somehow works, considering the number of victims who fall into the translucent trap.

In the end, the newbie owners spend more money for what appears as the standard beardie with no special traits.

  • Orange Vs Citrus

These two coloring are quite confusing at first. One clear line that could separate them is the absence of pastel color in orange-colored beardie. The female walks proudly.

Photo Image Citrus Tiger Bearded Dragon Diet Sheet

She exposes her bright yellow color skin. In some cases, you can easily compare the female citrus color with a lemon peel. In shady places, the color is blurred. The male might look like a broken-white lizard.

The orange bearded animal has vivid and bold statement of its color. While the pet lizard squirm into the shelter or even under the blazing sun, you will be able to notice it.

Photo Image Orange Citrus Tiger Bearded Dragon Care

For this reason, the orange dragons is on high demand. The popularity is going neck to neck with blue bearded species. Both are gaining more admirers. But then, the blue dragon is lack of eccentricity.

  • Fancy Terms

It is difficult to purchase a baby dragon. An unfamiliar word like saturation, translucent, het, etc is so confusing yet appealing. While in fact, none of this term refer to something meaningful.

Saturation refers to the distribution of color in citrus dragon body. It must be one dominant and vivid color. However, it is a the total opposite of citrus tiger term. It refers to certain pattern on the skin.

In most cases, the lines ignite the image of a tiger. That is how the pattern got its name. As for translucent, it portrays the citrus beardie with transparent skin.

Admire the glass resemblance. Surprisingly, these animal are sold at high price. Why? Because they are difficult to breed compared to the yellow lizard.

Another question that makes you confused is het. In lizard case, het points to a condition of having a gene but being unable to transfer it to the next generation.

Citrus Tiger Bearded Dragon Behind The Pattern

The “tiger” title is not given without any reason. While observing the skin, you will notice that the bearded dragons has peculiar picture on its back. There are several horizontal stripes.

They are lining up boldly on the female citrus skin. Some cunning sellers would make their own pattern like giraffe or freckle. These names are just commercial title.

The bearded citrus tiger even will have different price depending on the number of stripes. The more the stripes, the higher the price tag. Unfortunately, both male and female have bold pattern. It means you have to rely on your observation than to the animal sexing.

Citrus Tiger Bearded Dragon Morphs Explanation

Although both morphs and the coloring dragon title often stand side by side, there is a huge difference between these two. Color only discuss about the color on the body.

Morphs, in the other hand, relates to the shape of citrus dragon. Take a look at the back of your pet lizard. Is it leatherback or classic?

Take note from the following information and make it your guidance.

  1. Classic or Standard

The standard bearded dragons has full spikes on the back of its neck, goes straight to the tail. It also has the most similarity with the wild species.

  1. Leatherback

This is the favorite bearded lizard among breeders for its spike less back. It doesn’t mean that the lizard has no spike at all. Its yellow head and sides are covered with pointy surface.

Photo Image Citrus Tiger Bearded Dragon - Tiger Leatherback
Tiger Leatherback
  1. Dunner

Photo Image Dunner Citrus Tiger Bearded DragonBreed by Kevin Dunn, this species hold its own uniqueness. The back of the animal has abstract pattern. It goes down to the tail. Unlike tiger pattern, it follows no rules. The curvy waves spread to different direction. It happens on either male or female lizard.

  1. Hypomelanistic

It refers to a condition where lizard cannot produce dark color. The whole hypo body has pastel tone only. It is genetic thing. This hypo point, however, serve its own charm to the collectors.

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Citrus Tiger Bearded Dragon – Conclusion

As the first time breeder, you may find it difficult to compare the difference between the beardies.

Keep in mind that the little lizard pet is varied in colors, patterns and body shape.

Next time you are going to purchase citrus tiger bearded dragon, make sure invest a wise amount of money

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